ilango singer

He has been rendering his voice in both English and Tamil for ad commercials,Documentary / short films and multimedia Corporate Presentations. Signature Voice of Mega T.V, Captain T.V, and Chennai Live FM.

As a public speaker he has been invited by corporate companies, Educational institutions, NGOs, TV Channels and general public forums to share his life inspiring story and motivate people on specific topics like Entrepreneurship, English for empowerment, Self empowerment for Excellence, Leadership qualities, Happy Living, Healthy Relationships, Social Awareness and Effective Communication skills for Business and personal Success. His is the voice behind several famous advertisements. Some of them are as follows

raymond                           prince jewel                           icici                              Ganapathy silks

He possesses an astounding facet of being a professional singer, who can sing over 2,500 multilingual songs from memory. Standing ovation by the audience is a certainty when the songs through his magical voice are blended and intertwined with his public address on sustained motivation.